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Le 16 avril 2014, 17:03 dans Humeurs 0


14/02/14 Alone in valentine’s day , when people hear that what comes to their minds? depressing , mesirable , pethatic ??? NO, not really , in fact it’s no big of a deal , actually it’s pretty good for someone you have my vue of things, you’re wondering what would that be ? Well , for me lonliness isn’t that bad , when you’re alone , all you think about is yourself, live with yourself, love yourself, and what’s amazing about that , yourself will never hurt you , will never betray you , why ?? because you trust yourself , and what was all that ? Love, Trust , No pain , so how can you say lonliness is a bad thing . But all that is when you trust yourself because if you don’t ..... Well, that will be a whole diffrent story , too much for me to handle .


Le 14 avril 2014, 15:45 dans Humeurs 0

We can’t realy understand our lives going wayes but it keeps going on in the all ways and we have no right to stop it unstead of stoping it. don’t we think that it’s our right to live it till the limites ?


Most of the teenagers think including me thinks that we’r living a useless life and that we’ll never reach our dreams and ambitions but if we just try to think in a defferent way we will see tht we can make a change somehow,somewhere,somewhen all what we realy need is some self esteaming and alot of confidence and believing in our own selves before believing in others

life is?

Le 13 avril 2014, 19:50 dans Humeurs 0

Life is experiencing  happiness and sadness due making right and wrong decisions be healthy and getting sick meeting new people and not giving up on our oldest friends studying and working for make living comunicating scocialising and the most important is getting involved in our own life without any regrets "Rr"

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